Basel’s art is a portal into his imagination - colored by the many identities, cultures, and experiences embedded within and around him. His art spans across different mediums, including: hand drawing, painting, and AI-driven artworks.

On a never-ending journey of discovery, Basel is inspired to find new ways to portray and amplify his expression.

Crypto Art

digital artworks minted as NFTs (non-fungible tokens) on the Ethereum blockchain


short animated videos & loops, frames drawn individually with drawing-pad or pencil/pen on paper


mostly acrylic on canvas, sometimes collage elements (mixed media) are included

Graphic Design

digital pop art collages & exploratory graphic designs

Creative Coding

abstract/visual art generated with graphical and math code libraries


sketches & figure drawings made with drawing-pad or pencil/pen on paper

Plastic Arts

3D sculpture from clay, concrete & gypsum

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